Our product range covers the complete spectrum of nonwovens, woven fabrics, geotextiles, paper products and eco-friendly materials. We also globally source many unique and hard to find fabrics used in special applications.


A spunlaid technology in which the filaments have been extruded, drawn and laid on a moving screen, to form a web (INDA).

A fabric formed from spunbonded process that has been bonded by one or more methods to provide fabric integrity (INDA). The method of bonding a web by interlocking and entangling the fibers about each other with high velocity streams of water (synonymous with Hydro-entangling).

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Spunbond Polyester
Spunbond Polypropylene
A process of mechanically binding a web to form a fabric by penetrating the web with an array of barbed needles that carry tufts of the web's own fibers in a vertical direction through the web (INDA).

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Needlepunch Polyester
Needlepunch Polypropylene

We also carry polypropylene and polyester created by the following processes:

Thermal bonding
Chemical bonding
Stitch Bonding
General term for low density, thick or bulky fabrics, as compared to flat, paper-like fabrics. It is characterized by a high ratio of thickness to weight per unit area. High Loft battings have no more than 10% solids by volume and are greater than 3 mm (0.13 inch) in thickness.

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Low Melt
Air Laid
Fire Resistant
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Nylon Scrim Reinforced Paper
Bio Scrim Reinforced Paper
PE Laminated Scrim Reinforced
PE Laminated Kraft
Double Recreped
Fabrics made from environmentally friendly fibers produced from some of the following sources:

Post-Industrial Recycled (PIR) Waste - Waste generated from the manufacturing of non-woven and woven material that is reground, densified, and pelletized to be reintroduced back into the manufacturing stream.

Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Waste - Material recycled from consumer waste (plastic bottles, used jeans, old t-shirts, etc) that can be ground or shredded and reformulated to become textile fibers again.

Bio-Mass - Fibers and material made from wood, a natural replenishable raw material. Fibers can also be produced from cellulose created from PLA (polylactic acid) derived from the processing of plant material.
Weights - 1.9 oz. - 8 oz.

Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 meets the requirements of AASHTO 288