Cahill Nonwovens Company is a family owned company. We have been servicing our customers’ needs since 1970. The company was formed out of a manufacturer’s representative business that began in 1965. Cahill Nonwovens Company has extensive product knowledge and over 60 years of combined experience in the nonwovens industry. We offer a superior level of service to our customers. We have the experience, ability, and product knowledge to quickly understand your nonwovens applications, and provide you with timely solutions. As a quick, agile company, we have great flexibility in meeting our customers’ demands and specifications. Cahill Nonwovens Company is committed to working with our customers to meet their needs in many ways. To enhance this process we have created a Strategic Vendor Program. This program develops a partnership with our customers. It is a dedicated effort to learn about our customer’s products, and to provide overall product cost reductions through nonwoven innovations.

Mission Statement:

Cahill Nonwovens Company strives to become a leading source, supplier and distributor of converted Nonwoven materials to Manufacturers, End Users and Product Developers in any industry.

Industry Associations:
  • NFIB – National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • CSFA – Casket & Funeral Supply Association of America
  • INDA – Association of the Nonwovens Industry